Well, hello there!

Hi! I'm Mandy Ducote of Galerie D Photography, a classic and creative portrait photography experience. I live in Benton, Louisiana, with my handsome and hilarious hubby and the two most beautiful, angelic children you've ever laid eyes on. I live for laughter, good food, art, music, photography, and deep talks about life with friends. 

I have been honored to photograph over 200 weddings and thousands of portrait sessions across the southern states in my 10 years of business. My utmost desire is to provide a beautiful service to my clients wrapped up in one amazing experience so that they keep coming back... first as clients, then as friends. I live to photograph all the big moments in life, and all the little ones in between. 

As an artist, I see beauty, light, and emotion in everything. My favorite photographs are those that embody a world of emotion in one image, bringing a laugh to your belly, a smile to your lips, or a tear to your cheek. As a photographer, I get to capture those moments to tell a story without words. Tailoring each session to my individual clients' taste and style ensures that I tell THEIR story. While I have an identifiable style, I also want to give my clients photos that speak to who THEY are. So from one session to the next, you will find me on a golf course, at the zoo, in a newlywed's home, on the beach, or in a cathedral creating stunning, custom images for each client.


There are so many photographers out there. Why would you choose me?

  • I love people. I love to hear their stories...what brought them to who they are today and what makes them tick. From the first consult with a bride all the way through wedding day and beyond, I am connecting with her, hearing her love story, learning the vision for her big day until I can see every detail through her eyes. Although we may begin as strangers, I feel like I always end up photographing friends. 
  • I see beauty in all the little things. I probably love most the emotion and art of photography, which is why I love shooting the raw moments and capturing life as it happens... Because there is so much beauty in the everyday moments. 
  • I am a storyteller. If you meet and talk with me in person, you'll see someone who is an animated and dramatic storyteller. I love to draw people in to a story and make them FEEL it. That carries over into my photography as I capture every laugh and tear on your most momentous occasions. 

 Let's talk!